Charlotte Neary


Charlotte joined Millbrook in January 2013. Before that she worked for 2.5 years at Lockwood Horse and Donkey sanctuary and before that at a competition livery yard so it's safe to say horses are in her blood. In fact her husband only let her adopt her own horse when she got the job at Millbrook. Her lovely horse, Bounce, is now retired but previously she did some dressage and show jumping with him.

We have a number of horses and donkeys here at Millbrook so she's kept very busy. Apart from the normal mucking out duties she teaches horses to be handled, starts the ground work to prepare them for riding and rehabilitates any that need it. Charlotte specialy likes the 6 month post home visit where she gets to see them in their new homes and see how they have flourished.

Away from the centre she looks after her own horse and dogs (and occasionally gets to spend time with her husband and family). She loves going on holiday - especially activity filled ones - and loves a good BBQ.