Chloe Benson

Chloe started at Millbrook as a cattery volunteer while working part time in retail. She quit her job to focus more on volunteering and then applied and was accepted a member of staff from October 2017.

Chloe is a real millbrook baby as her parents met while working here! She's not quite the youngest member of staff but her story is definitely a Millbrook baby first. She says Millbrook was always in her heart and where she wants to be.

She is an all round member of staff so can be found in any area depending on where she is needed the most.

She owns a horse, dog, cat and a hampster

Her passions are cats. She has (so far) hand reared 2 sets of kittens who are now successfully homed and she hopes to do many more. Her ambition is to steal Claire's job and become the cattery supervisor so look out Claire!

She is very passionate about animal welfare and plans to go on her first marches against cruelty and legislation next year.

When she's not working she loves to go riding with her mum, watching Netflix or going out with her friends ( but always goes home early as she has to be up to muck out the next day).