Hanna Potbury

hanna with a massive cat!

So as well as working in the kennels, she has three dogs at home!

Hanna joined the Millbrook team in the Summer of 2010, she spent a few years in the cattery before moving into the kennels looking after the dogs in the rehoming blocks.

She is very dedicated to the dogs and works hard to help them become more comfortable with spending time in the kennels. Hanna is really passionate about BSL - Breed Specific Legislation - and along with other members of staff she has attended specific protests in support of abolishing it and helps to spread the word about these laws and where the RSPCA and other animal welfare charities stand on this issue.

Hanna's dogs

Outside of work Hanna has 3 dogs, Lexi, Blake and Dexter and 3 Chinchillas. She loves the outdoors and goes on big dog walks with the gang. She loves to do things like sailing and snowboarding, and she is currently rennovating her own house.

You can usually find Hanna out walking dogs when you visit Millbrook and she will be more than happy to answer your questions about the dogs in her care.

hanna with a dog