Jackie is one of the most dedicated cattery volunteers here at Millbrook.

She started in the summer of 2015 after looking for a volunteering role to fit into her family life. Its flexibility means she can look after her family and parents who live some distance away.

She not only works in the cattery but she fosters kittens and older cats who may be stressed in the cattery or who are ill and need additional help. She also hand rears new born kittens who don't have a mum, makes cat toys that we can sell in the centre, conducts home visits for adoption purposes and helps with all the fundraising events. We really need her artistic skills here at the centre and since she has joined we have increased our sales and our profits (and it certainly looks better too!).

She says she's learned lots of things since she's been here and loves to support the staff. Mostly she feels she has made a real difference to the lives of many cats who have been at Millbrook and has made many friends both with other volunteers and staff.