Jackie, Chris, Eileen and Rita

Rita, Jackie, Chris & Eileen. These lovely ladies come in every Wednesday and Friday and when they're finished they stay behind for a chat with some tea, coffee and cake. The table is next to our charity shop so if your visiting please pop over and say hello. They usually have a dog with them so please say hello to that too!

Rita has been voluntering at Millbrook for 16 years. If you've ever visited our charity shop chances are you've met her as she pretty much runs it for us. Rita makes sure we've got a great book stall on Gala Day and it's always very successful in raising money for the centre.

Jackie has been with us for 40 (yes forty ) years! Most of the staff weren't even born when Jackie first came to Millbrook. Jackie is a real dog lover and she loves helping out with the nervous and shy dogs. sometimes just sitting with them before they are confident enough to go on walks. Jackie is also heavily involved in our fundraising days, she is always in the snack bar making sure our supporters have plenty of refreshments throughout the day.

Chris has been a volunteer since 2005. She comes in to walk the dogs and is also secrtary of the fundraising committee. Chris has a crucial role at Gala Day, our biggest fundraiser of the year. as she organises the acts in the main arena.

Eileen has been with us since 2009. She originally came to volunteer in the cattery as she had never owned a dog but she caught the bug and loves being with the dogs. She also volunteers at our fundraising events getting stuck into what ever needs doing - snack bar, dog walking, fastest recall, gates - she offers help to whoever needs it.

Millbrook really wouldn't be the same without volunteers like this.