This is Lorna. She has been volunteering at Millbrook for 9 years now and she is one of the friendly faces in reception. Lorna began as a dog walker when she first started volunteering but found herself answering the phones one day when we were really busy and she's stayed there ever since.

Every Wednesday and Thursday Lorna comes in to help: we're sure some of you will have met her in reception and many more of you will have spoken to her as she tries to answer as many of your calls as possible. In reception she really is a jack of all trades. She answers the phone, she interviews potential adoptors, she helps keep the shop stocked up, she clears away at the end of the day and she's even helped with the odd DIY project in the past too.

As well as helping out in reception, Lorna is on our fundraising committee and always gives her time up for the big events.

Lorna is also our resident bee expert. We have a few hives at Millbrook and Lorna is currently in charge of them and is teaching Andrew, our maintenance man, all about them so he can take over. Last year our bees produced 50lb of honey, which we sold at Gala Day to help raise money for our animals.

Reception wouldn't be the same without her.