This is Peter and he is one of our wonderful group of volunteer drivers. Peter responded to an online advert back in December 2016 and has been driving all over the south of the country ever since. Volunteer drivers are a really important part of the RSPCA team; they make sure that animals are transferred safely to centres like Millbrook from the private boarding establishments that our Inspectors took them to.

After retiring Peter decided that he didn’t want to sit around all day; he thought that there are so many others out there who need a helping hand that he wanted to do something really positive with his time.

Peter drove to Chingford today, and has gone as far as Peterborough and Bristol in the past, all in his spare time, and all in aid of helping our animals get into the space waiting for them at the relevant animal centre where they can await their potential new owners arrival.

The RSPCA would be a bit lost without Peter and the team of drivers; it’s because of their hard work and dedication that our Inspectors are able to go out to more calls regarding animal welfare concerns.