Phil Morrison

Phil started at Millbrook in 2005 after studying animal management at college. He worked for a little while at a children's petting zoo but soon found his way to Millbrook.

Phil works in our assessment blocks. This involves dealing with case dogs - those where the society is prosecuting the current owners. This can involve many medical and behavioural issues and can also be a long term situation as the court process can be very slow. The assessment blocks also contain ill dogs which require additional medical supervision and any dogs requiring long term rehabilitation.

Phil has a little dog of his own and loves spending time with her. He also fosters Millbrook dogs that are finding it very stressful in kennels or who need medical supervision outside of the centre opening hours.

In his freetime he enjoys keeping fit with many trips to the gym. He is a very sociable person and loves holidays and socialising with his friends particularly if it involes a cocktail on a beach!