Sophie Foord

Sophie joined Millbrook in October 2007 having previously worked in retail while completing a diploma in vocals at ACM in Guildford.

Sophie works in the assessment kennel blocks. This involves dealing with case dogs - those where the society is prosecuting the current owners. This can involve many medical and behavioural issues and can also be a long term situation as the court process can be very slow. The assessment blocks also contain ill dogs which require additional medical supervision and any dogs requiring long term rehabilitation.

She runs our santa's grotto at all our christmas fairs - in fact you might have seen her dressed as an Elf!

She has a black belt in karate and she is a singer in a pop rock band ( she loves Elvis, The Beatles and The Kinks especially).

She has recently moved house so has a number of DIY projects on the go that always get in the way of her favourite past time of spending time with her daughter and family.