• NameZander @MillbrookCats
  • TypeCat
  • GenderMale
  • Age7 years old (approx)
  • BreedDomestic Short Hair
  • ColourWhite & Black
  • Can live with
  • StatusAvailable for adoption

General information

Handsome Zander was abandoned when his owners moved home; he hung around the neighbourhood for a bit and then decided to settle in someone’s home – unfortunately he got an injured leg so he was handed in to us for some treatment and a new home as he was bullying the other cat in the house.

Zander is a real character, he is really friendly and can be very affectionate, but only on his terms – he loves to curl up on your lap, but may be inclined to swipe at your hands as well! We think that Zander is actually a bit of a worry-wort; he seems on edge quite a bit and backs away from having cuddles if he can hear someone nearby or sees something that scares him a bit.

Zander is looking for a special new home, his new owners must be willing to accept him just the way he is – to expect the odd bash, or swipe or nip on the hands.

We also think that Zander may be behaving like this as he is frustrated, he is bored in the cattery, he needs someone to entertain him with toys and games, and also needs to get out of here and start going outside again where he can have fun. He loves playing with big stringy toys, and likes chasing after balls in the cattery corridor - he really is a fun cat, and he needs to burn off his energy in a really positive manner.

He is looking for an adult-only home (due to his habit of swiping hands) and also needs to be the only cat in his new home because of his previous bullying behaviour towards the other cat in his last home.

If you can offer Zander the home he needs please come into the cattery for a chat with the cattery supervisor as she is the only person he has really bonded with and it will be good to have a chat and see how he interacts with her.

If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more.