• NameFluffy
  • TypeSmall animal
  • GenderFemale
  • Age3 years old (approx)
  • BreedSheba Guinea Pig
  • ColourWhite
  • Can live withOther female guinea pigs or a neutered male
  • StatusAvailable for adoption

General information

Poor Fluffy was an unwanted pet along with her two friends. As soon as they entered the centre it was clear the other two guinea pigs were unwell and they have both sadly died from cancer leaving poor Fluffy without her friends. She needs to go and live with a female friend or a neutered male friend as guinea pigs are very sociable and need companionship.
She is rather nervous and requires gentle handling. If handled slowly she is settled and calm.
She is long haired so will require regular grooming and this will help her become less nervous.
She will require at least a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft hutch and 4ft x 2ft run for a pair and a 5-6ft hutch and run for larger groups.

If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more.