• NameFrankie and Morris @MillbrookCats
  • TypeCat
  • GenderMale/Female
  • Age6 years old (approx)
  • BreedDomestic Short Hair
  • Colourblack, and tabby
  • Can live with
  • StatusReserved

General information

Frankie and Morris are in a foster home a few minutes drive from Millbrook, if you'd like to meet them please pop into the cattery for a chat with the staff and we can arrange a visit.

These poor cats came to us after a phone call to our Inspectors from someone who told us that they could no longer keep their cats – they then told us that the cats were living in a parrot cage so they were made a priority and rushed to the cattery to get them out of that terrible situation.

It turned out that they have spent pretty much their whole lives living in this parrot cage, and only the floor of it as there were no shelves, and also that they have been tormented by the owners dog who was trying to get at them through the bars.

Frankie and Morris spent a few weeks in the cattery getting used to new people and a larger environment, then they moved on to a foster home with one of our catery volunteers. They have slowly been getting used to an even bigger environment and having a bit of freedom outside of their foster room, they have enjoyed running up the hallway, popping into the kitchen and checking out the living room, they have also had the chance to meet the resident cats and dogs and have done really well.

The next step for these lovely cats is a forever home, with more space to gradually get used to and then a garden to explore.

Both Frankie and Morris are really sweet, they like having a fuss made of them and being stroked and we know that with the right family that they will be wonderful pets. We also know that they will likely go back a few steps when they get to their new home so they need patient and understanding new owners who will take their time with them to help them gain confidence in their new world.

Frankie and Morris have been confined to a small cage for what believe is the whole of their adult lives and therefore may have never been outside, their new home must be in a quiet area away from traffic and railway lines and their new owners must gradually introduce them to the outside, but only once they are really settled and happy in their new house.

They will obviously be looking for a quiet home and will need very patient and understanding new owners, we are happy to rehome them with older, teenage, children and they could potentially live with a cat-friendly dog.

If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more.