• NameTania
  • TypeDog
  • GenderFemale
  • Age8 years old (approx)
  • BreedStaffie
  • ColourWhite / black
  • Can live withSecondary school age children, only dog
  • StatusAvailable for adoption

General information

Tania came to us due to being abandoned in a property surrounded by rubbish.
Tania is a lovely girl but since being here at Millbrook she has showed some behavioural issues.
Tania can be quite frantic when she is out on walks. When Tania is in our retreat which is like a home she finds it hard to settle down and will run around and sometimes chase her tail.
Tania also is not too keen on handling as when she came to us she had very bad ears. Tania¿s ears are a lot better but she will need to stay on steroids for awhile and may need on-going treatment in the future so new owners will need to be financially able to cover the cost of her treatment.
We have worked on Tania¿s issues and they are improving. The main thing we have been teaching Tania is to settle down on a mat/bed and to be calm so this training will need to continue in her new home.
Tania¿s handling has improved since being here at Millbrook but this handling will need to continue in her new home.
Tania is looking for an experienced home ideally someone who has had lively dogs before. Tania is looking for a calm home as she needs a quiet home to help with her frantic behaviour. Secondary school age children, but it will need to be a home where there aren¿t lots of children in and out of the house.
Tania will need someone based at home to begin with to teach her to be left.
Tania is a great dog and she has lots of love to give, she is just looking for the right home that will be comitted to her training and medical needs.

If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more.