Amazon Wish List

cat playing with a toy

We get so many donations from our supporters.......

We really appreciate them all, but we often get asked if there is anything specific that we want or need, so we have decided to put together a 'Wish List' on Amazon so that anyone wanting to donate to us, can choose from the items we have selected

We have now finished creating all of our Wish Lists, so there is one for the dogs, one for the cats, one for the small animals and one for the horse, so if you want to donate an item to your favourite animals, you can!

vixen in an agility tunnel

If you wish to donate an item....

Please click on one of the links, they should take you directly to the individual Wish List on and then you can select which item you wish us to receive

We will do our best to keep track of items which have been donated, in order to show our thanks and appreciation. So please keep an eye on this website and all of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube) to see our animals with the donated items

(the picture below is of our first item received - less than 24 hours after we posted this article!)

our first wishlist item

If you cannot find the lists through the links, you can go to the main Amazon website - - and search for a 'WishList':





From all of the staff and the animals: Thank You to everyone who has donated to Millbrook via our wishlists, we never thought we would be so lucky as to receive so many kind and generous items from our friends and supporters

We try our best to get photos of every item we get, and then we upload these to Facebook with a personal thank you, however this is not always possible as the people who post on our Facebook page the most, are not always in, and sometimes they may get missed out - but you can be sure we know that items have been bought as we watch the lists to see what has been purchased. We then try to get photos and/or videos of the animals with their gifts, so please keep an eye on Facebook/YouTube for these

Once again, thank you so much, we really do appreciate your generosity