Rehome your pet

Prioritising animals in need

If you need to find a new home for your pet, then please contact us.

Please do not bring your pet into the centre without contacting us first as we always have a waiting list of animals requiring shelter.

Our highest priority is to help those animals most in need, animals who are sick, injured, neglected or victims of cruelty.

To ensure that we are able to help these animals we need to be able to provide a safe place for them to be taken to.

This is why we have introduced a new scheme which prioritises animals rescued by our Inspectors from cruelty and neglect.

The introduction of this scheme means that we are no longer able to take on all of the stray or unwanted animals that are brought into our centre.

Unwanted pets

If an owner wants to give up their animal we always ask them to consider their decision carefully.

Sometimes all that is needed is a change in lifestyle or environment to make an animal happier. Visit the 'Our Pets' section on the website for advice on animal needs.

If an owner still feels unable to cope with their pet they should search for another animal welfare organisation in their area.

Stray animals

We are no longer able to take in stray dogs, equines or farm animals. If we have space we may be able to help you with a stray cat so please get in touch. If you find a stray animal please follow the advice below: