Dog training and behavioural work

Resident dog training and behavioural consultancy

June Williams M.A.(Hons), Ed.D, Dip. C.A.B.T. is the resident dog trainer and behavioural consultant at Millbrook. She works with the staff in rehabilitating dogs with problem behaviour, during their stay in the kennels, and supports new owners.

Any owner, who experiences problems with their rescue dog in the first 3 months of homing, is eligible for her professional help, free of charge.

In addition, June works with all puppies who enter the centre. Every owner, who homes a puppy, must return with their new puppy and attend a compulsory session with her at the centre.

June is an associate of the Clever Dog Company and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, whose code of practice states that members only use reward-based methods of training.

Every dog homed from Millbrook goes with the contact details of the nearest A.P.D.T members. Millbrook has had a long association with the Clever Dog Company, which runs puppy classes across the area and every puppy's owner is given the Clever Dog Company's head office number.

June has been running puppy and dog courses for the Clever Dog Company and Kennel Club classes (Bronze, Silver and Gold) for RSPCA rescue dogs for a number of years at Millbrook Animal Centre.

In addition, she undertakes one-to-one training and professional behavioural work, on vet referral, in the Woking, Guildford, Chertsey and Bracknell areas.

Clever Dog Company

Clever Dog Company is headed by Sarah Whitehead, BAHons. and MSc. and runs an exclusive chain of puppy and dog classes in the South of England.

All of the classes use clicker training and offer the most modern, fun and easy methods of training available. Classes are small in number to ensure that the best in individual attention is given.

The aim is for owner and dog to have a successful and rewarding relationship. Clever Dog Company believes that classes should be fun, informal and enjoyable, as well as kind, fair and effective! No choke-chains, no shouting and no stress!

Clever Dog Company also offers one-to-one training and professional behavioural help for dogs and cats. Educational courses, as well as mail-order books and products, are also available.

Check out their website for free help sheets.