Neutering advice

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It's a mistake to leave your dog or cat unneutered as there are already thousands of unwanted animals in RSPCA and other charity-run animal centres in the UK.

Quick and painless - neutering couldn't be simpler

Neutering is a quick, painless and simple procedure. Contact your veterinary surgeon to find out the cost and to arrange an appointment. You will probably have to take your pet to the surgery early in the morning and collect it at the end of the day. It's a routine operation and most animals are back on their feet again straight away.

Unwanted Puppy

If you don't neuter your dog

You could have problems

  • Do you know enough people to take on any puppies your dog might have?
  • You may have to deal with angry owners of females if your unneutered male pesters them.
  • Controlling an unneutered male can lead to frustration , which can mean barking, bad temper and aggression.
  • Females come on heat up to twice a year for three weeks -unless yours is neutered, you will have to clean up after her, and protect her from the attentions of local dogs. Sexual frustration can result in females becoming over-excitable.

Your dog could suffer

  • Testicular cancer can be a risk for unneutered older dogs.
  • Unneutered males sometimes have violent urges when a bitch on heat is near - they might fight with other dogs and get injured.
  • Unneutered females are at risk from pyometra (an infection of the womb) and mammary tumours when they get older.
  • Females suffer unwanted attention from dogs, often much bigger than themselves.
  • Females kept inside when they are on heat miss out on exercise and the chance to mix with other dogs.

It could cost you

  • Dogs injured in fights may need veterinary treatment.
  • Females - no matter how careful you are - might get pregnant. You could end up with a litter of six puppies to care for.
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If you don't neuter your cat

You could have problems

  • The RSPCA works hard to find homes for more than 30,000 cats every year. If yours has kittens, do you know enough people to take them on and give them good homes for the rest of their lives?
  • Unneutered tomcats are noisy at night - often for hours on end. They are likely to stray from home, sometimes for days at a time, or get into fights.
  • Males spray their territory with smelly urine - neutering makes them do this less and the smell is not so bad.

Your cat could suffer

  • Unneutered males fight with others, and often get infected wounds, abscesses and serious illness.
  • Unneutered cats roam farther than neutered ones - they're more likely to get lost or have an accident.
  • Your cat could get FIV - a very common, incurable disease similar to AIDS - from fighting or mating with another cat that has it. It would then have to be kept in for the rest of its life - or put to sleep - to stop the disease spreading.
  • Unneutered cats are bound to get pregnant or make others pregnant - kittens can do this at only four months old.

It could cost you

  • Male cats injured in fights often need expensive veterinary treatment.
  • An unneutered female will get pregnant and you will end up with kittens to care for - cats can have up to 18 a year in three litters.