Adoption fees

A 20 pound non-refundable deposit is required when placing an animal on a full reserve, this is then deducted from your adoption fee when you collect your new pet.

Fees for dogs and cats are inclusive of neutering and micro-chipping.


Animals and optionsFee
Dogs (Over the age of 6 months)170.00
Puppies (6 months and under)220.00

This adoption fee includes a lead, collar and ID tag, we will ask you to choose these at time of reservation of your new dog.


Animals and optionsFee
Cats (Over the age of 6 months)70.00
Kittens (6 months and under)90.00
FIV and FELV blood test (optional)25.00

Small animals

Animals and optionsFee
Rabbits (including neutering and vaccination & micro-chipping)60.00
Ferrets (including neutering and micro-chipping)50.00
Guinea Pigs (neutering optional at 25.00)20.00
Chinchillas (neutering optional at 25.00)30.00
Budgie / cockateil15.00

Full payment is required at the time of adoption. All fees are inclusive of VAT. All adoption fees are non-refundable, except under exceptional circumstances at the manager's discretion.