Adoption process

Step one: Looking for a suitable pet

You will be given a copy of our adoption fees and terms and conditions, explaining our homing policies. Please read this carefully. If you agree to our terms and conditions you are free to look at animals that we have available for re-homing.

We ask that you look at the animal's requirements as detailed on their cards placed on the front of each pen or kennel. Please pay particular attention to the section's that detail if the animal can live with other animals in the household and how old any children living in the household or any children visiting regularly would need to be.

Step two: Is the animal you like a suitable match?

If you feel you could offer a good home to one of our animals, please return to reception where we can talk to you in more detail. It may take more than one visit to find a suitable pet, if this is the case we would suggest that you to keep in contact with us or return to the centre in about a weeks time to look at the new animals available for re-homing. Please respect our qualified judgement if we decide the match between you and an animal is not suitable.

Step three: Meeting a potential pet

Once we have confirmed that the pet is a suitable match, all members of the household will need to meet the animal. If the meeting is successful and no further meetings are required, we will put a reserve on the animal for you for a maximum of one week. You must pay a reservation fee when we reserve an animal for you, this is a minimum of £10 and is non-refundable.

Step four: Home visit

An RSPCA volunteer will contact you within a few days of you reserving your pet, in order to arrange a convenient date and time to visit your home. You will then be contacted by telephoneto be advised whether or not you have been successful in passing a home visit. If successful, we usually ask that you to collect your new pet as soon as possible, but we will discuss this with you before you return to the centre.

Step five: Adoption

You come to adopt your new pet within our opening hours! Tuesday to Sunday 11.30am to 4pm. Please allow yourself plenty of time for this process as there is paperwork that needs to be completed in your presence. You are able to buy a food, bedding and pet accessories from our shop in reception.

Step six: Follow up

You will receive a follow up phone call approximately one week after adoption. Your RSPCA home visitor will then contact you in four to six weeks to confirm that your pet has settled in well and will provide any further guidance or advice. If you have any queries in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact the centre.

Puppies and Kittens will receive a further six month follow-up phone call to check that arrangements have been made for neutering and micro-chipping (for kittens only)