Terms and conditions of adoption

Chocolate labrador

Anyone seeking to adopt an animal from us should consider our terms and conditions as set out below.

  • To prevent unwanted litters the RSPCA neuters all dogs, cats and other animals as required. Adopters are expected to support this policy.
  • All adopters will be expected to provide proof of address and identity.
  • We are unable to reserve animals, which may not be ready for adoption.
  • Potential adopters will be expected to attend the RSPCA personally to make their choice, and before an adoption can be considered, all members of the family must be present. This includes any family dogs.
  • All dogs and cats are identichipped on adoption and linked to the 'Pettrac' National Computer Network. All adopters are protected under the Data Protection Act.
  • It is a legal requirement for a dog to have a collar and identity disc. All dogs will be provided with an engraved disc, and all dogs must leave the RSPCA wearing a collar, disc and lead. All other animals and birds must be transported in a suitable escape proof container.
  • If for any reason in the future you are unable to keep your adopted animal the RSPCA requires you to return it to the nearest RSPCA Centre or Shelter.