• NameAnushka
  • TypeDog
  • GenderFemale
  • Age2 years old (approx)
  • BreedCaucasian Shepherd
  • ColourChocolate
  • Can live withOlder secondary school age children, Must be only dog, no cats
  • StatusReserved

General information

Anushka is looking for a very special home with very experienced dog owners. She has been at Millbrook for a few months now and although we've had a few people show interest in her, they just weren't right for her.

Anushka came to us after having been kept outside all of her life, her coat was in a terrible state and the poor girl did not smell too good either - over time she learnt to trust some of the kennel staff and she has had a few baths and lots of brushing and is now looking (and smelling) fantastic.

Due to her previous living conditions she really does prefer being outside and although we do not want her live outside in her new home she will need to live with people who are around most of the time so that she can spend most of her day in a safe and secure garden. We understand that this is not for everyone and that it makes it harder to find her a home but we need to hold out for the right family to come along for her. Perhaps there is someone out there who works from home in an outbuilding or in their garden who is looking for a dog? Anushka could be perfect as she could be outside with them. When inside she is housetrained though, she just prefers living outdoors.

Anushka definitely needs a more rural location to live in, we know that a typical suburban home would not suit her - perhaps someone who lives on a farm or in a small village with few neighbours would be best for her.

Because of her bad start to life Anushka is rather timid around new people, and it does take her a while to wam to new people, but once she knows and trusts you she is ever so playful and affectionate. We have learnt that she prefers women to men, but with time and patience she will bond with a male carer.

We believe that she will be better off as the only pet in her new home, she has lived with other dogs and walks nciely with them too, but she doesn't tolerate them much when it comes to sharing and she much prefers being by herself.

Anushka can live with children of a secondary school age as long as they are understanding and respectful of her needs and timid character.

Please ask about Anushka is you think you can offer her the home she really deserves and needs - she'll make wonderful and very rewarding pet.

If you could offer this animal a suitable home, then please visit Millbrook to find out more.