calypso the tortie cat

The first picture is of her in her new home and below is a picture of her with her sisters when they were at Millbrook- we would love to hear how they are doing too! Here is a copy an email we received from Calypso's new family:

Well Calypso is now 8 months old and has had more than a few adventures since our last e-mail. She was delighted to be allowed out when we opened the back door to her for the very first time; within minutes she was leaping around like the Easter Bunny while trying to catch flies and bugs in the air. She has a very adventurous nature and has made friends with neighbours, while venturing further afield. She is extremely inquisitive and for the first few weeks she was going out I had to help her out of the fir tree next door as she used to get stuck in the branches; Doh! Also there was a 2 week period when she kept coming back home with a sponge finger in her mouth which she proudly carried in and dropped on to the kitchen floor. We could have made a trifle with them if we had saved them up but we have no idea where she was finding them, she never ate them, just brought them home. Now it's mainly sticks and twigs that she offers up as gifts for the family (and to date, two frogs!).

Another "adventure" involved her dashing back home and through the cat-flap one afternoon, completely drenched through and smelling absolutely terrible. We actually had to shower her in the bath and shampoo her fur. It took two goes and a soaked bathroom floor in order to get the smell to subside, but to her credit she did allow her servants (Carol and myself) to wash her down and dry her off with a fluffy towel.

When the sun goes down she becomes Calypso the Hunter and will bolt for anything that moves in the garden, be it on the ground or in the air; our garden is her jungle with plants and shrubs to hide in and pounce on insects in the grass. One of her favourite activities is leaping up and catching moths at dusk before we call her in for the night - we don't let her out overnight as there are lots of other cats and foxes around once it gets late. We cover the cat-flap and take off her collar so she knows it's home time. Speaking of which, about three weeks ago she came in without her collar - we looked around but could not find it anywhere. The following day there was a knock on the door and a young lad handed it to us saying that he found it under his garden gate a couple of blocks away, but by this time I had already had another made up for her. Here is the funny bit; so now she has a spare collar, a couple of days ago she came running in through the cat-flap with the one she had gone out with in her mouth! It had come undone for some reason and fallen off, so she picked it up and bought it safely home. Clever or what!

These are just some of the crazy things that have happened since she has been with us and been allowed out, and I'm sure there will be more tales to tell, she is such a live-wire and so curious and adventurous. We can't imagine being without her now, she is one of the family and anyone coming home is greeted by her as soon as she hears the key in the door. As Jacob, our youngest, says "She is the best kitty in the world ".

three tortie kittens