male staffie

In September 2015 Clyde was rehomed from Millbrook, having been transferred to us from RSPCA South Godstone - he had been in kennels all his life and for some strange reason was being ignored by potential adopters. It didn't take long before someone came along to Millbrook and fell in love with this super Staffie. Here is Taylor's story:

male staffie

This is our Staffie Clyde. He was at RSPCA Godstone for 1 year before he was moved to RSPCA Millbrook Chobam. He had never lived in a house before and we rehoused him in September 2015.

We couldn't understand why anyone hadn't taken this happy Staffie any sooner... His big Staffie smile is the highlight to my morning every day without fail! He is still only one and a half and if you know his breed, you would know that they are full of personality, especially as juveniles! We originally went there to look at another dog after losing ours of 15 years, and we ended up choosing him because his big Staffie smile really stood out! Another reason why we chose him was because he had been there so long and he was so timid and nervous and we just wanted to make him the happy boy that he should be and has turned into since we've had him. He is still nervous of things such as boxes and stuff being delivered to the house, but he has come such a long way! When he first heard the TV he would run away from it and stare at it for ages! Now he loves a bit of TV and a cheeky sit on the sofa when everyone's at work!! He has progress still to make, but he's come so far already and I'm so proud of him and this was one of the best things I've ever done. He loves to be treated like a baby, picked up, sat on your lap, cuddles round your shoulders with his paws, standing up with you, sitting on your feet, rolling on the grass outside, sniffing everything on a walk, and most importantly the feeling of feeling safe and comfy in his bed! He loves his bed, and he really loves that he eats like a king now!!

So thank you Millbrook and Godstone and RSPCA in general for giving us another edition to our family, it makes missing our old dog who sadly passed slightly better, that we can give all we have to give to another dog who needs it. So thanks again!