Diva and Zonda

Kittens Diva and Zonda when they were young

Below is an adoption success story from Diva and Zonda's new owner.

I took in Diva and Zonda when they were 3 - 4 weeks old. They were rescued by an Inspector who found them without their mother in an industrial estate. They were very nervous of people when I took them on, so I had to socialise them with as many people as I could.

They still required hand feeding as they were too young to be weaned. Hand rearing them definitely helped get them calmer around people and they soon became very friendly. Hand rearing them was hard work, but soon enough they were weaned and fit and healthy.

We just couldn't part with them and made the decision to let them live with us along with our other adult cats.

Kittens are hard work; they eat everything, climb everything and somehow manage to get themselves into danger on a regular basis. This is why we ask that someone is based at home if you are taking on a kitten. Having two definitely helped as they could play with each other, however sometimes it meant there was double the mischief! However, I love their naughty streak and wouldn't change them for the world!

Cats Diva and Zonda

They are now 8 months old, still love each other and enjoy going out climbing trees and having adventures. Kittens are a big responsibility and soon stop being little and cute, so it is important that you have considered if a kitten suits your situation. But I would definitely recommend it.

Zonda and Diva are the friendliest and chilled out cats I could ask for. And yes, Diva does live up to her name!