female akita x

We adopted Poppy from you almost 2 years ago now. We don't know too much about her background except she came from a house where a large number of dogs were rescued.

When we first got her she was incredibly nervous; she was nervous of all things new as she had not been socialized at all, and in particular was extremely fearful of other people.

It took over a year to notice a big change in Poppy in terms of her losing her fear of people. She can still be a little nervous but is now such a happy, playful and confident dog who can't wait to get outside. She has passed her bronze kennel club award and is also learning agility. She enjoys walking with her sister Daffy, who we got in touch with via the Millbrook Facebook page. Poppy is great with other animals and she shares the house with our elderly (yet feisty) rescue cat, and the garden with 6 chickens.

poppy in her new home

The attached photo is taken on holiday in Devon where we take her several times a year as it is so dog friendly. She loves the long walks, playing on the beach with other dogs and going in the sea (the sea was at first on Poppy's lengthy list of very scary things!). She is such a different dog, she even comes into shops and pubs with us.....being rather food focussed she has definitely learnt the benefits of such places!

We can't imagine life without Poppy, and she comes with us pretty much everywhere. Thanks Millbrook!!