female tortie and white cat

Coral came to Millbrook in June 2010 along with her only kitten, Nemo. Coral had been found as a stray and was incedibly protective of Nemo and was very aggressive to anyone who tried to get near her!

The staff worked hard and found ways to get to Nemo to worm him and socialise him so that he didn't turn grumpy like his mum! Coral was not happy about this, but after a few weeks the staff were able to sit in her pen with her and talk to her - not handle her though, as she was likely to scratch and/or bite!

Nemo found a new home with his new friend Pixie (we would love to hear from the people who adopted these two) and Coral was put up for adoption. Despite her pretty face, it seemed no-one wanted her, so if at the end of September no-one had adopted her, the cattery supervisor would take her home.

Coral was very shy and hid under a chest of drawers for 2 days, but after that she came out of her shell quite quickly and was much happier out of the cattery environment. She was still scared of things but liked having cuddles and exploring her new home and also trying to make friends with Figo, the existing cat.

After 2 years in her new home she is well and truly settled, she gets on with Figo and is the worlds friendliest cat - the complete opposite to what she was like in the cattery. She loves to have cuddles, adores being stroked by anyone who visits and her favourite thing is to be groomed. She is also toy mad! She goes crazy for the catnip plants in the garden and loves to have a good charge about outside