Freya and Bumble

bumble arrives

Freya & Bumble have been with our family now for a year. After tragically losing one of our existing horses we felt we wanted to have some new equine friends adopted in to our family and to keep our remaining horse Bug company.
We spent a few months looking with no success and then one day my sister found Millbrook. Freya instantly stood out to us and my sister was really keen to see her.

The family travelled down to the centre to go and see her and it was love at first site. This is when we also found Bumble. Whilst the family were at the centre, Bumble watched every move and followed every one up and down the fence line. We couldn't resist his sweet little face.
That day we came home with not one, but two new little babies to join us.
In this year we have had them they have come on leaps and bounds and are very different to when they first arrived. Bumble has revealed a very cheeky & happy go lucky attitude to life. The more attention he has the better! Especially loves being groomed by everyone & is so keen to learn new things. He hacks out confidently with his two little jockeys and the end of last summer (2012) he had successfully competed in gymkhanas and tried his hoof at lead rein jumping resulting in being placed at his first ever try.

bumble at a gymkhana

Since Freya's arrival, she has blossomed in to a very beautiful young lady. She has developed a good bond with Bug and all three have a very close knit little herd. Freya is a very bold & brave young mare, nothing phases her and anything new she takes all in her own stride. Again, last summer we took her to a few shows and did some in hand showing with her. She received multiple compliments of what a lovely stamp of a horse she is and how well she will do under saddle. She also brought home some lovely rosettes!
This year (2013) we will be concentrating on backing Freya under saddle and starting her ridden career & educating Bumble further. So far Freya has been bitted and had a saddle on with side reins, and we cant wait to get on board as she moves fantastically well, almost floating!

freya earns a rosette

We have so much to look forward to with Freya & Bumble, and everyone loves them to bits. They are most definitely part of our family and very much loved and adored by all :-)

The Mitchell Family x